About Kawartha Candy

Welcome to Kawartha Candy, your go-to destination for delectable and unique Freeze-Dried Candy and Gourmet Marshmallows! We're a Canadian company with a passion for bringing joy and sweetness to every moment.


Our Story

At Kawartha Candy, our journey began with a simple idea: to share the magic of freeze-dried treats with candy enthusiasts across Canada. We believe in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories through the irresistible allure of our unique products.


Quality and Craftsmanship

We take pride in sourcing only the finest ingredients for our freeze-dried candy and gourmet marshmallows. Our dedicated team of confectionery experts ensures that each treat is crafted with precision, preserving the authentic flavors and textures that make our products truly exceptional.


Commitment to Excellence

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, from the quality of our products to the efficiency of our online shopping experience. Your delight is our priority.


Join Us on the Sweet Journey

Whether you're a candy connoisseur or someone with a sweet tooth, Kawartha Candy invites you to join us on this sweet journey. Explore our mouthwatering selection, and treat yourself to the joyous indulgence of freeze-dried candy and gourmet marshmallows delivered right to your doorstep.


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